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About Us

Dogs. I freaking love dogs. Like me, your dog may mean the world to you. You have a deep bond. Others may not seem to get it, but I do. Furthermore, there are many more of us out there than you realize. My dogs have helped me through many difficult times in my life. From feeling suicidal as a young teen when my parents split, through my own divorce and drinking problem, to the premature death of my brother- my dogs gave me what I couldn’t give myself. I believe that dogs came to help us heal and show us the best parts of ourselves.
Now I want to help others receive these gifts. I started this business to accomplish three things. 1- Create a business that is fun and makes money. 2- Create a source of funding for nonprofits that are helping humans by bringing dogs into their lives. 3- Help spread the message of what dogs actually bring to us as people. Through the wearing of this clothing, you are expressing to the world how you feel. 
This is part of my overall mission to help men be better, be more in line with who they are underneath all the stigmas and societal bull. I have a podcast to share my experiences (Dogs and Men Podcast). I am a published author (Let Your Dog Lead) and a contributing author (The Change- Insights Into Self Empowerment, Vol 17). I have also been on many other podcasts to share my mission, check out my Linktree: https//linktr.ee/SpiritDog.